Joanna Gollins - Counsellor and Psychotherapist

How I work

I enjoy supporting people as they grow and become more fully themselves.  I work informally in a safe and private location where you can express your thoughts and feelings in confidentiality.

My work is primarily through talking, but I find working creatively can help you to access deeper levels of awareness. My work includes dream exploration, the use of visualisations and drawing, relaxation and meditation work, and exploration through sandplay therapy.

I offer both short and long term therapy. Short term work allows us to focus on your immediate difficulty, but should you wish to delve deeper, you may choose to remain in therapy for a longer period.

I usually suggest we set up an initial session where you can talk about your concerns and decide if you would feel comfortable with working further with me.

My training is in ‘The Transpersonal’, which is an integrative model.  This allows me to draw from a wealth of knowledge, training and experience from different therapeutic schools, and I can therefore tailor each session to your individual needs, no matter what initial problem you bring.

As a Transpersonal therapist I hold with the proposition that our bodies, minds and spirit are all interconnected. I am open to exploring with you your potential as a spiritual being, whatever that may mean to you, and will help you to explore what gives you meaning and purpose in your life.

For some of you it will be enough to sort out the immediate problem, for others there is a deeper more spiritual journey to make.